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Birthday 2021

Johnny: What more could a guy ask for? And thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Mama Said

While putting together my upcoming album “I Hear Other Voices!! (Hardly Strictly A Cappella),” I found an unfinished track . . . BONUS! Huey and The News fans might recognize my arrangement of The Shirelles' “Mama Said” because that’s…

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Vocal Character

I never really had a lot of vocal "character" until I got older and started beating my voice up a good deal. A lot of singers do that, start smoking and screaming a lot in the shower, all that…

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Different Musical Colors

For my solo projects, I could easily sing the lead vocal and all the backing vocals myself, but then it would just sound like 19 Johnny Collas… the sound becomes very homogenous. So the fun for me is to…

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Backup Singers

"For your solo projects, what do you look for in a backup singer?" 

Johnny: I consider the song. What's the genre? What’s the song’s attitude and the message in the lyrics? What’s the song itself ’telling me’…

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Quality Ideas

"What drives you be so productive?” 

Johnny: I think I'm becoming more fruitful in my, uh, venerable years, and let’s face it; at some point in time you feel like you’re running out of it! I also feel like…

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