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Power Of Love

The first “Power Of Love” song pitch to “Back To The Future” writer/director Robert Zemekis was a demo Huey and Chris Hayes worked up, now long lost. It didn’t get an outright ‘rejection’ - more along the lines of 'keep…

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A break from familiarity

"Why did you choose not to use members of ‘Huey Lewis and The News’ to make ‘Lucky Devil’?" 

I didn’t use the guys probably for the same reasons Huey didn’t use HLN during his hiatus in 1993-94. I wanted…

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A Critical Ear

There are those folks for whom music is just a soothing background soundtrack to their lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They hear a song and it makes them feel a little happier while they’re cooking, cleaning, changing a…

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Birthday 2021

Johnny: What more could a guy ask for? And thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Mama Said

While putting together my upcoming album “I Hear Other Voices!! (Hardly Strictly A Cappella),” I found an unfinished track . . . BONUS! Huey and The News fans might recognize my arrangement of The Shirelles' “Mama Said” because that’s…

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