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Fans In Motion Podcast

Check out Johnny on the "Fans In Motion" podcast as he shares stories about the early days of the Bay Area music scene. 

Music Night Interview - Part 2

Part 2 of Johnny's interview on Music Night At The Majestic. "Johnny Colla chronicles the bands albums from 'Fore!' to 'Weather', as well as his solo albums." 

Interview - Music Night At The Majestic

"In Part 1 of his conversation with Michael Boswell, Johnny Colla, an original member of Huey Lewis & The News, chronicles his career. From the bands of his youth to backing Van Morrison, becoming a member of Sly & The…

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The Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White Show

Guitarist & saxophonist Johnny Colla (Huey Lewis & The News) drops in to talk about his latest solo album 'I Hear Other Voices'. Plus, we talk working with Mutt Lange, what's happening with Huey Lewis - "The Brand" and much…

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More on ‘Naturally’ . . . 

Before we were writing songs for what became "Fore!" I had an 8-track recording rig at my home; that's what I cut “Birds & Bees” on (the inspiration for “Naturally”). In 2012, when I was recording my album "I Hear…

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"Local Legends" Interview

FRESH INTERVIEW! Johnny sits down with ‘Local Legends’ host (and good friend) Tony Wade. They discuss the new album, the project he is working on now, early bands, going on his first tour with Van Morrison, and, of course, his…

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"With 'Naturally,' what were you looking to do differently from the a cappella version on Huey Lewis & The News' 'Fore' album?” 

Johnny: EVERYTHING!!! It wasn't so much what I wanted to do differently, but more about returning to my…

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