Finally, you can hear "Voices" as well!!

The CD that didn't want to get made . . . . but after much delay and fussing, I'm happy to finally share my latest project with you at my "Listen and Own It" page! Hard to believe, but I actually started formulating this project right before HLN dove into "Soulsville" back in 2009. I abandonded the idea for awhile but eventually, with nothing left to do but the "Soulsville" mix, I commenced "Voices!" auditions in the summer of 2010. Now I had a band, but with the subsequent release and tour to back "Soulsville", no time to make the CD . . .

Somehow it all got done, and without giving away too much liner note information, the seed of this project really came about through all my work on the HLN a cappella tunes through the years. I listened back to all the demos I'd made - the hits, the almosts, nearlys, and just flat-out misses - and thought these songs needed to be heard in a different light; how I originally concieved them. The project started out as a purely a cappella effort (with a little rhythm section tucked in the back somewhere.) But as I started homing in on the songs to be included, the tunes started calling out for different treatments and the CD soon took on a life of its own; I simply followed the muse. Hope you enjoy the ride . . . especially my original demo/concept for HLN's "Naturally"!

Listen NOW!