Johnny Colla, "I Hear Voices!"

Way Out West, 2012

FINALLY available at the "Listen and Own It" page ! ! . . . . With the exception of self-penned "Naturally", these were primarily songs I pitched to HLN for a cappella consideration; some stuck and others never made the cut. With regard to "Naturally", I actually reconstituted my original twenty-year-old demo to bring you the original concept for the song. Pretty cool CD if I do say so myself ~ my friends say it sounds "happy" ~ and what's wrong with a little of that in this world? For the purists and the curious, look for both a limited edition vinyl version, and a strictly cappella version soon !

Huey Lewis and The News, "Soulsville"

W.O.W. Records, 2010

Our much-overlooked tribute to the Stax Label. I co-produced, arranged, sang backing vocals and played sax. I think the arranging and overall sound had to be the most challenging job for me on this CD, simply because we were pulling songs from an entire decade or so and I wanted to make sure they all sounded like they were "coming from the same place." We also had the pleasure of working with our old pal Jimmy Gaines, along with Paul Thorn guitarist Bill Hinds, who lives and breathes this stuff. He definitely gave it an air of authenticity, and he's a darned nice guy!

The Sounds Of Christmas

SOC Music, 2009