"With 'Naturally,' what were you looking to do differently from the a cappella version on Huey Lewis & The News' 'Fore' album?” 

Johnny: EVERYTHING!!! It wasn't so much what I wanted to do differently, but more about returning to my…

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Kind Words From Jamie Kent

"I always knew Johnny was a legend when it came to songwriting, playing and arranging; now I've got to add singing to the top of that list. Damn man, save some talent for the rest of us!" 

-- Jamie Kent…

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BBC Radio

Thank you to BBC Radio Cumbria for having me on to talk about the song "Working Over Christmas" by Wox...

Album Signing Event

Who says “YOU CAN NEVER GO HOME AGAIN”??? Johnny’s doing just that - along with CD signings and selfies - at his one-and-only hometown Suisun City, California, smack-dab between his childhood home and ‘Grandma’s House’!


"This version of 'Mama Said' on 'I Hear Other Voices' is also different because you threw in a flirting reference to your wife." 

Johnny: Singing this from a guy's perspective, it was only fitting I use a feminine name…

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A Different Sound And Texture

"Some of these songs on "Voices" were staples of the Huey Lewis & The News a cappella set. Did you approach these differently / write up the charts for these differently for "Voices" than you did for HLN?" 

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"Mama Said"

As I was making the first "Voices," "Mama Said" was just a dead fish. It just laid there . . . no spark, no fire. It just wasn't ringing like all the other tracks. But when I took the instrumentation…

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"Slow Twistin'"

Check out the new lyric video for "Slow Twistin'", the first single from the album "I Hear Other Voices!! (Hardly Strictly A Cappella)"! Buy the CD via the website! Download and streaming options available soon!

Power Of Love

The first “Power Of Love” song pitch to “Back To The Future” writer/director Robert Zemekis was a demo Huey and Chris Hayes worked up, now long lost. It didn’t get an outright ‘rejection’ - more along the lines of 'keep…

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A break from familiarity

"Why did you choose not to use members of ‘Huey Lewis and The News’ to make ‘Lucky Devil’?" 

I didn’t use the guys probably for the same reasons Huey didn’t use HLN during his hiatus in 1993-94. I wanted…

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A Critical Ear

There are those folks for whom music is just a soothing background soundtrack to their lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They hear a song and it makes them feel a little happier while they’re cooking, cleaning, changing a…

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