The Start Of "Lucky Devil"

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"What was going on back in 1993 with Huey Lewis & The News when you started work on 'Lucky Devil'?" 

Interesting question! After our ’Small World’ release (and thirteen years together!) Huey decided to break camp and do some recording on his own. ‘The Guy Who Wanted To Be A Singer’ (me!) figured this was the right time to finally go after my first solo project, and I jumped on it . . . at first. 

I’m almost embarrassed to say I started the record in 1993, and when HLN decided to reconvene for ‘Four Chords & Several Years Ago’ I had to put my project on hold. Between touring and our ‘Plan B’ release (2001), I scrambled to find the time to get ‘Lucky Devil’ completed. I think it holds up pretty well!