The "Lucky Devil" Songs

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"How did the songs for ‘Lucky Devil’ come about?" 

You know, after a couple decades of songwriting in earnest, by the early nineties I had written and accumulated a lot of, shall we say, ‘misses’ (or were they misfits?) . . . songs that never got covered by HLN . . . or anyone else for that matter! But I felt like the songs fit me – they resonated with me - so at some point I started weeding through all of them in an effort to put a cohesive first project together. 

The cowriters range from an old fishing buddy to Clover’s Alex Call, Producer John Tiven, and a host of other writers I never actually met. Even though I wrote or co-wrote eight of the ten tunes, I was not above cutting an outside song if I thought it fit the project. Such was the case with Alex’s ‘New Romeo’ and Eddie Angel’s ‘Your Old Boyfriend’ (originally titled ‘Your Old Girlfriend’).