A Critical Ear

There are those folks for whom music is just a soothing background soundtrack to their lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They hear a song and it makes them feel a little happier while they’re cooking, cleaning, changing a carburetor, whatever… it’s familiar and comforting. 

Then there are those other folks who are not overly critical, but who like to go a little deeper. They think about the lyrics and their meaning, and maybe consider how that “marries” with the music. But that’s as far as they can take it. Maybe they played an instrument in high school or something. 

Then there are the obsessed, like me, who constantly listen with a critical ear, which I’ve finally realized is both a blessing and a curse… I can’t just relax and listen to a song without picking it apart, but I also realize what a gift being able to do that is. What the hell… it's my career.